Automatic Antenna Tuner

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Once day i decided to build automatic antenna tuner, becouse i'm creazy man who spend time and monney for building own design devices. Yes, of course twenty years ago that was just one way to get anything. If you something wanted, you had to build it. But now is too easy buy anything on the internet and many Chinese producers push prices to low. But i'm more satisfied when using something i builded.

My goal is small, easy and cheap automatic antenna tuner which can works as locale or as remote. Tuner has EEPROM memory for store settings for faster tunning and four interfaces:
Projection budget is about 40 € (~ 60 $). PCB board is designed in eagle software and size is limited by free version restrictions. Due to selected relay are small and i hope, that they can be able to stay alive up to 10W output power. :-) This is just prototype for basic testing, SW debuging, etc... I'm going to build next version with bigger relays for power up-to 150W.

Links and inspirations:
Automatic antenna tuner by Petr Frecer [czech] [local copy]

Will be released

Board dimensions are 100x80 mm











OK2ZAR, 11.2.2012